3-Day Forecast: Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2020

A massive snowstorm is on the way, but first, a quick dusting and a dip in temps. A quick-moving burst of snow will pass through Tuesday night through Wednesday morning. It’ll drop roughly another inch of light fluffy snow across the region. Folks should be ready to find some slick spots on the drive into work and possibly on the way home too! Winds pick up and begin to gust up to 30 mph. The new light snow will blow and drift across the landscape and roadways.

Thursday morning starts with below zero temps. Despite the sunshine, the temps will struggle to reach a high of 6 degrees.

The massive snowstorm remains on track for Friday. This one is a bit different than others we’ve seen so far this year. It’s more of widespread snow, meaning that large areas will see accumulations and it will last for roughly 24 hours. In Rochester, snow should begin early Friday morning and last through Saturday morning. Because it has so much time to pile up, I see how many in the region could get over 6 inches of snow. 10 inches seems possible but I’d like to see some more information about that before I become more confident in that happening.

While the snow will definitely cause trouble, so will strong winds. As the low moves out, winds begin to gust to 35 mph Saturday. As with Wednesday afternoon, the new light, fluffy snow will be perfect to cause blowing and drifting snow, possibly even whiteout conditions.

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Forecast: Wednesday, Jan 15, 2020

Meteorologist Cindy Morgan works, lives and plays in Southeast Minnesota. She’s a wife and mom to two young kids. Cindy spends what little free time she has running marathons, cooking, engaging the public and walking the dog.